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With technology continuously advancing it's good to have access to resources where ever you are.

Please utilize the video resources below to inform your organization, provide technical assistance and sharpen your skills. 


2022-2023 School Superintendents' Meeting

Duration: 1 hour and 41 minutes

This webinar addresses all 2022-2023 annual updates and changes with  Academics and legislation.  

2021-2022 Sunshine Law Training

Duration: 1 hours and 20 minutes

This webinar was facilitated by Adam Brown Esq. of Brown Law Firm. The session covers Sunshine Laws, as well as, Open Meeting and Public Records Acts. This session suffices the annual requirement for charter school boards. This video is made available upon request. To view and to receive certification of completion please email

Charter Ed Talk – Building an effective Charter School Board

Duration: 12 minutes

For this CHARTER EDtalk, Michelle Lohner, Sr. Account Manager at Charter School Capital, was joined by BoardOnTrack’s Director of Leadership & Governance Training, Mike Mizzoni to discuss tips on how to build an effective charter school board. Mike shares his expertise on why is it important to put together the "right" board, what qualities you should look for when building an effective board, the ideal size of a board, and how long should people typically serve on your charter school board. Please watch the video below and read the transcript for the complete story.  

Charter Ed Talk – Facility Financing

Duration: 22 minutes

We understand that navigating charter school facility financing options can be a daunting and dizzying task for charter leaders. For this CHARTER EDtalk, we wanted to help break down some details around bond funding for charter school facilities. We were honored to be joined by John "Tiny" McLaughlin, Sr. Vice President at Ziegler, Scott Rolfs, Managing Director at Ziegler, and Charter School Capital's Jon Dahlberg, Vice President of Business Development and Facilities and Janet Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer.

ODE School Funding 101

Duration: 23 minutes

School Funding 101, Part 1 Ohio Department of Education November 2018

Charter School Financial- Oversight Part One Revised

Duration: 15 minutes

Charter School board training in regards to financial oversight and fraud prevention.

EPICENTER - ERCO School Staff Training - Learning The Basics

Duration: 50 minutes

This video consist of basic training provided by Epicenter.

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