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Reinstatement License

Ohio's students need you! Our schools and districts are always on the lookout for the most qualified educators to meet the needs of Ohio’s students. The Ohio Department of Education has made recent licensure updates, including the new Reinstatement License, to help educators like you return to Ohio schools. If you are interested in re-entering the teaching profession under a Reinstatement License, please take a moment to complete this survey. Your information will be sent to district superintendents in the region(s) you select. Districts with needs in your Reinstatement Licensure area may then follow up with you regarding employment opportunities. You may also visit the Department’s Education Jobs webpage to view Ohio school and district employment opportunities.

Reinstatement Licenses are available to educators whose associate or professional licenses or certificates (including four-year provisional or eight-year professional certificates) have lapsed for at least one year. The Reinstatement License allows you to work in an Ohio school, while meeting renewal requirements to renew your expired license (or to transition an expired four-year provisional or eight-year professional certificate to a professional license). You may only apply for the Reinstatement License at the request of an employing Ohio school district. You will be properly certified in the Reinstatement Licensure area while completing requirements to renew or transition your expired license or certificate. Please note that you may only request a Reinstatement License for the same subject(s) and grade level(s) as your expired associate or professional license. This one-year license is nonrenewable and costs $40.

Note that all educators must have current background checks on file with the Department. See the Department’s Background Check FAQs webpage for information.

If you have not yet set up your OHID account, please see the CORE User Manual on the Department’s Apply for a New License webpage. Once you have completed those steps, then you may apply for licensure in the My Credentials section of your CORE Dashboard.

Please contact the Office of Educator Licensure with any questions regarding educator licensure requirements:


Phone: 877-644-6338

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