Community Schools Can Pilot Before They Buy It With Edmentum

Greetings From Edmentum!

Technology for technology’s sake doesn’t improve student outcomes. That’s why adding or changing classroom technology is always a big undertaking. At Edmentum, our solution to this challenge is offering the option to pilot our online programs for digital curriculumpersonalized learning, and classroom assessment. With an Edmentum pilot you can:

  • Test-drive our online programs in your classrooms with your students and teachers for 4-9 months before making a purchase decision

  • Benefit from the guidance of our Education Consultants and training sessions

  • Take the time to get deeply familiar with our solutions and experiment with different approaches to maximize their effectiveness for your unique students

  • Ensure that you are making a technology purchase that will have positive impact

Want to learn more about how you can pilot an Edmentum program? Respond to this email and I will set up a brief call to connect.

Yours in Education,

Mike Satterfield

Partnership Development Manager

office: 614-736-3954


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